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O Nas

In a historic tenement house at Al. Solidarności 93 houses not only the atmospheric Kamienica Theater, the unusual Kamienica Restaurant, but also the modern Kamienica Studio. The special and creative atmosphere of the Theater created by the director, Emilian Kaminski, became the basis for the creation of a recording studio of the highest standard. Studio Kamienica is an excellent and modern space for all audio recordings. At the same time, we have the option of recording concerts and their transmission via the Internet. The studio is designed by an outstanding specialist in the field of interior acoustics - Szymon Sieńko, who has done studies for, among others, Kino Polska, Seweryn Krajewski, Grzegorz Piwkowski, Kasia Kowalska and the Bracia group. The whole project was carried out in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the European Regional Development Fund. The studio started operating in May 2014. The activity at the Kamienica Theater gives us wide opportunities in terms of competence and experience in artistic work, we cooperate with the best composers and songwriters, educators, actors and directors. We also conduct extensive activities in the field of activating children and their theatrical education (project Mała Kamienica). From the very beginning, we have been trying to attract outstanding artists, which is why the albums produced by our studio are not only of a very high technical level, but also artistic, as evidenced by the awards our productions receive.

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